Our Menus

At Jacopetti’s we believe in serving “home-style” foods prepared from fresh ingredients. We use local ingredients whenever we can and we search the area to find the very best produce available. Much of our produce is hand selected to ensure that it is ripe and at the peak of flavor. We start with raw ingredients and prep them in our commercial kitchen for each dish we prepare. We find that lots of folks in the “food industry” are using frozen, “pre-prepped ” items so that they can save on high labor costs.These foods are often over processed and usually contain a high amount of fat and sodium. At Jacopetti’s we believe that fresh is better for you and better tasting. The menu items listed in this section are what we currently offer. Feel free to suggest other items. We will try to accommodate your request. Using our own family recipes enables us to add or delete an ingredient to suit your dining preference.

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