Taste Is Everything: Greatest Hits from our delicious dinners catering menus.

Boneless BBQ Pork Ribs

Tender chunks of boneless pork that has simmered hours in delicious BBQ sauce. Served with aromatic jasmine rice.

Beef Stroganoff W/ Noodles

Tender beef chunks simmered in a creamy mushroom sauce. Served over noodles.

Honey Dijon Pork Loin

Our secret recipe for tender roasted pork loin. Sliced thin & served with jasmine rice.

Homemade Salisbury Steak

We create these beauties right in our own kitchen. Served with rich brown mushroom gravy & whipped potatoes.

Teriyaki Chicken

Chicken breast portions simmered in our own homemade teriyaki sauce & pineapple chunks. Served with jasmine rice.

Mom’s Meatloaf W/ Whipped Potatoes or Parsley Red Potatoes

Mom’s savory recipe with a catsup sauce topping–yum! (Gravy available on request.)

*These menu items come with your choice of side salad, bread or rolls, and dessert bars/cookies tray.  Please refer to attached Menu Accompaniments for choices available.